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Lucknow boy owns PMO twitter account. Gives up after 30 minutes!

Qaiser Ali, a Lucknow teenager, is looking to become an entrepreneur and even started his start up But as fate would have it he became the owner of PMO (Prime Minister's Office) India! For full 30 minutes he became the owner of the official Twitter handle of the Indian Prime Minister, @PMOIndia!

@PMOIndia, the official PMO handle has been changed by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh's Media Advisor, Pankaj Pachauri. And since Twitter, the Social Media company was not informed about it, @PMOIndia became available and was grabbed by Qaiser

Qaiser Ali whose tweeter handle is @iamqaiserali, while searching for a better handle learnt that @PMOIndia was available and immediately registered it and even boasted about it in his tweets.

"For a while I felt honoured to own the ex-PM's handle. Little did I know that I will be part of a big political row," Ali told in an interview to the daily Hindustan Times.

According to media reports, a representative of Twitter had met Pachauri to discuss the formalities of a smooth transition of the account but Pachauri, told him that he was already discussing it with an official based in San Francisco.

The US–based twitter official Pachauri allegedly referred to was away on leave. "Pachauri acted unilaterally without discussing it with Twitter India or Prime Minister-designate Narendra Modi's IT team," said a senior PMO official.

The twitter handle @PMOIndia had over 1.2 million followers and around 4000 tweets. Had the account gone to Modi's team they would have retained the followers and the tweets.

Says Ali "It must be a coincidence that I applied for @PMOIndia username during the period as soon as the actual account was vacated and it was available,".

He got a shock when he started getting hate messages calling him fraud amongst other expletives. He was contacted by the authorities and he told them everything and even apologized to Pankaj Pachauri.

He was however scolded by his parents for all the mess up.